Cautionary Accidental Parentheses setting?

I’m realizing I think the cautionary accidental parentheses are just a touch heavy in context.

I’d like to either scale them down a bit or substitute another glyph so they aren’t quite so obtrusive. Is there a setting for this? Accidental Scale modifies both the parentheses and the accidental. I’m not seeing an obvious setting in Engraving Options or Notation Options, unless I’m overlooking something, nor anything in Font Styles or Paragraph Styles. I was assuming there was a setting in Music Symbols, and there are a lot of Parenthesis settings there, but not one for accidental parentheses.

Is there really not a way to modify these? Or am I just looking in the wrong place?

(#) is a single glyph* in Bravura. One would hope to just redefine it as 3 glyphs with the parens in a different font. But I can’t find a place to do that. Interesting to discover that accidentals are not included among Music Symbols that can be edited.

*Edit: only a recommended ligature. Thanks for the clarification, Ben.

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Yeah, that’s what I was attempting to do after not finding an Engraving or Notation Option, and was surprised there doesn’t actually seem to be an option for this. The default parentheses just seem a bit heavy handed to me. I’d love to substitute a more elegant pair of parentheses that are a bit lighter and thinner with less horizontal width, but perhaps this may not currently be possible.

Au contraire: bracket - accidental - bracket is made up of three separate glyphs in Dorico. SMuFL does contain a ligature character for all three, but Dorico doesn’t use it.

Sadly, the brackets are not available as an editable symbol. The accidentals are editable in the Tonality system; but not the brackets, and they’re not in the Music Symbols editor either.

Your only option is to edit the font file itself.

I did spend a bit of time honing the Sebastian accidental brackets, both round and square, to be clear but as unobtrusive as possible.

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I wonder if this is simply an oversight rather than a deliberate design decision. It seems like it “should” be an editable symbol in Music Symbols.

Just a thought. Could you not hide any accidental in the down-voice, show the cautionary in the up-voice and custom-scale that?

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We deliberately omit all of the symbols relating to accidentals from the Music Symbols dialog because they are better edited in the Edit Tonality Systems dialog, but it’s true that consequently you can’t edit the parentheses for accidentals. I’ll see about finding a way to square this circle at some point.

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. :yum:


I just gave that a try, but it doesn’t seem to be working either. When I change the Voice Index, the voice with the parentheses loses priority I guess. Here’s a gif, is this what you meant?



Yes, that’s more of the look I was hoping to achieve! That looks really good!

I was thinking of something like this… (I didn’t change any voice indices. The smaller notehead is hidden behind the larger, but the cautionary remains visible)
(I was just doodling on another score)

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For reference, the Maestro font has relatively thin and narrow acci-parens that balance better, to my eye.

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@dspreadbury The Coda and Segno symbols also seem to be missing from the Music Symbols editor.