cautionary accidentals in condensing

Is there any way to preserve the cautionary accidentals I set manualy when I condense the score? I have a project with a lot of them and would be a very time-consuming task to do it manually for every of them throughout the score in engrave mode.


No, accidental properties can be set independently in condensed music, so existing property overrides are not carried through to the condensed music, I’m afraid. We made it work this way since the requirements of when accidentals need to be shown differ when music for two instruments is written in a single voice, for example.

Well, would be nice to have an option to preserve all the accidentals proprieties in condensing. In many cases the cautionary accidentals are more than Dorico decides, and is very annoying to go in engrave mode and start showing accidentals all over a project once you set them when writing the score. Even more annoying is that the changes I make in the condensed score regarding this are not shown in the parts, even though the global mode is selected!
Please, I would like a solution for this if possible or at least to know if is going to be considered any time soon.

The changes you make in the condensed score apply only to the condensed notation: they don’t affect the uncondensed music, either in the same layout if condensing is later turned off, or in another layout. This is a deliberate decision, though I understand that it’s unhelpful for you.

I’m really not sure what it would take to provide an option for this, but I’ll talk to Andrew about it and we’ll see.

Maybe an option in condensing settings where you can preserve original accidentals trough condensing score would be the answer.
Or a code line that could save my project :slight_smile:)