cautionary key sig

How do I hide cautionary key signatures, please.

thanks :slight_smile:

You can’t. Use a new flow.

Im just doing loads of chord charts etc at the moment… I dont use ‘flows’ I actually dont know what they are…
How would a ‘new flow’ hide cautionary key sigs?
Would I be able to put in a request -

  1. Hide Cautionary Key sigs on/off
  2. Realise Chord text (actually both ways) Add chort text from reading notation and adding notation from chord Text).


Just watched a vid on Flows, it would be much easier and quicker just to have a ‘hide/show’ Cautionary key sigs :frowning:

This is been begged and pleaded for by users in the past. :wink:

An easier solution might be to add a coda (Shift-R, coda) and hide the coda mark. You’ll also want to set the coda indent to 0 (Engraving Options–Repeat Structures).

Thanks for that I’ll have a go, I wonder why this request is being ignored, its a perfectly valid thing to ask for?

It’s not been ignored. It’s been discussed at great length, with significant and repeated input from the dev team. It’s ultimately their call on this sort of stuff.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a team more responsive to user input. Do I want this function? Yeah. But there are ways to work around it, and plenty of strengths and time-saving in other ways that more than compensate me. YMMV.

And Andy, IIRC there are also those who want to know how to place cautionary key or time signatures at the end of flows in preparation for the next flow; so the Team has to juggle many user requests–some contradictory–as it is. I have found that the Team is creative as well as responsive and that patience is more than rewarded.

I presume this is not possible for SE and Elements users since we have no access to the Engrave options.

Tried the split flow trick, but that messed up the bar numbers. Changing the bar numbers messed up playback.

It would be sooo much easier if we could just hide the cautionary?

Post a blank file here. I’ll make that change to the indent and send it back.

Thanks, that’s very kind.

It’s ok. I can probably download a demo license for pro and make the change.