Cautionary pizzicato

I’m writing a piano trio for the standard ensemble (pno + vn + vc) and there’s one passage where I’d like to insert a cautionary pizzicato indication in the score.

The cello plays pizz. at the end of a variation, and comes back about 20 bars into the next variation, still playing pizz. In the cello part this shouldn’t cause any confusion, but in the score, specially if one has already turned the page, leaving a cautionary indication can help to avoid any doubts as to whether the cello should keep playing pizz. or not. I couldn’t find a way to do it through the Properties Panel, which I was expecting to do, being used to parenthesising dynamics that way. I’ve resorted to some Shift-X text to do so, which solves this for now.

I was wondering, though, if there is any way to set a preference for including pizz. cautionaries in the score for a whole Layout or Project in Engrave mode of something of the kind. If not, will there be an option in the future? This could come in handy for big orchestral scores (specially in the Full Score layout), where it helps whoever is conducting or studying the work by eliminating very obnoxious page turning to double check if it still is pizz. or not…

Any thoughts?

I would love to see this option as well. In a score I often add a cautionary dynamic or playing technique in the first bar on a new page to avoid checking a previous page.

As a workaround, you can add (pizz.) as a custom Playing Technique.

Go to Engrave mode, then Engrave > Playing Techniques…
Then go to the String category and scroll down to Pizzicato.
Select it, click “New from Selection” and then fill in all the boxes as you see fit.

It can, of course, be hidden in the Part or the Score (or both) from the properties panel.

This is a brilliant workaround, @pianoleo