Cautious about Catalina

From the questions and help requests I have seen on this forum, and in other places as well, I’m feeling a bit jittery about upgrading to Catalina. I’ve been very happy with Mojave, and hate to rock the boat if there is no good reason to.

So I’m asking for feedback from Mac users on the forum who HAVE done the upgrade and have no regrets so far. Particularly in regard to how the new environment inter-reacts with Dorico 3. I don’t use any ‘outside’ sound libraries, only the ones that come with the app. How would you predict I am likely to fare if I get over my paranoia and do the upgrade? (I WON’T hold you responsible if I fare poorly inspire of your good advice!)


We are currently recommending that you should hold off upgrading to Catalina as some users are experiencing problems that seem to be mostly specific to Catalina:

Yes, I did see the note about this that Daniel posted. However, it appeared to me that most, perhaps all, of the problems mentioned had to do with VST issues, and since I don’t use any 3rd party libraries, I thought it was possible that the warning didn’t really apply to me. Hence the query at the top of this thread.

However, having received your warning, Paul, I will indeed wait until all is sorted out.


There’s been a heap of grumbling threads over the past couple of weeks from people who’ve updated to Catalina, and for that matter, from unlucky people who are still on Mojave but seeing Catalina-esque problems. I’d hazard a guess that it’s nigh-on impossible to do sufficient testing in house or with the beta testers at this stage: anyone with pretty much any other music software is going to want to hold off updating until that software is Catalina-compatible, which likely reduces the testing pool significantly.