CB 10.0.50 - Strange problem w unresponsive inserts in Group tracks


I have a really strange problem with Group Inserts in a project I am working on.

The project already have som plugin inserted on Group tracks and most of them work fine, BUT when trying to add or change (already inserted) some Steinberg plugins, such as Limiter or Maximizer, they are inserted but totaly unresponsive.

  • I cannot see or change presets

  • I cannot remove or inactivate insert

  • Other plugins work just fine

  • If I put these plugin on other track types such as FX or Audio tracks they also work fine

    So the inserts do not respond in CB10 (10.0.50) but works ok if I open the same project in CB 9.5.
    When I open project and fix insert as active etc in 9.5 and open in CB10 again it is inactivated and not responding.

And it seems to be a problem with this specific project only, in other projects it works fine.

Any one experianced same or similar behaviour?
Any clue what is happening or how to fix?



I just identified what is/was the problem!!

I had activated the “Constran Delay Compensation” function/button and did not realise that this might have an impact on the plugins.
So there it is, seems like some (but not all) plugins/inserts will not cease to work/respond if you have engaged this constraint.