CB 10.5 - Problem with Export/Import Folder track as Track Archive


It seems that you now may export and import Folder tracks as Track Archive, which is great as my projects concists of a structure of Folder tracks for various intruments and setups.

But this doesn’t work for me; when testing this in CB 10.5 I only get the actual Folder track and nothing of it’s content, its’ just empty.

I had assumed that when exporting and importing a Folder track as “Track archive” you would get the whole content of that folder, even if contained tracks in subfolders etc.

Anyone with same problem?
Is it a bug or was it not intended to work that way?



Could you be more concrete, please? Is the problem on Export or import side?

If you select only the Folder track and the child Audio/MIDI/Instrument tracks are not selected, and you export Selected track, of course, just the parent Folder track is exported. You have to select all tracks you want to export.

Or did I understand you wrong?


Thanks for the reply, and yes, I got it now!
During Export as Track archive you are supposed to select all child tracks, which I didn’t do in my first case.
So now it works and this is great!!

But the nature of a Folder track in my view, is that is is just a container, and therefore should by default include all child tracks.
But when doing so you just get the single Folder track, which is a little bit illogical in my view… :slight_smile:

But this is great anyway!