CB 10.5 - Problem with Mute/Unmute of Group tracks


There is still an issue with mute and unmute on Group channels in new version 10.5.
When using the Group mute an unmute functionality it also changes any previous individual track mutes routed to that specific Group.

  • If you mute/unmute a Group channel with no associated tracks previously muted everything is fine!
  • If you mute/unmute a Folder track any previously tracks within that folder are still muted, so that’s also fine.
  • But if you mute and unmute a Group channel, all tracks associated with (routed to) that Group are unmuted regardless of previous state.
    Even the ones that was previously muted on track level.

This is not very good if you are using mute/unmute on both individual tracks as well as on group level during mixing.

Mute/unmute on Group level should in my opinion never override any individual mute on track level within the group.

Hope this will be fixed in future patch.


Its been like this for infinitum…
Solo and mute logic is flawed and unpredictable - get used to using the master clear mute and solo buttons to reset everything.
I’m afraid this just won’t be fixed anytime soon.

Isn’t there a preference in the settings to change this?


Yes, there is actually a preference for VST/“Group channels: Mute sources as well” which is enabled by default.
Found it now.

Will disable that and see how it works!
I guess the only downside is that you will not see on the individual tracks associated with the group that they are in fact “muted” on group level.
But maybe that is a smaller problem.

Great, thank you!!


Let me know how you get on with this. I often find myself fighting with the mute situation, groups etc but i’ve never really sat and figured out which setting to settle with.


The existing preference for “Mute source as well” works kind of okay if you disable it.
Then you can mute and unmute Groups during mixing without affecting any associated tracks that may be muted prior to that.
So that is kind of okay.

But when you look at your list of your individual tracks, you will not see what tracks are actually affected and muted by the “Group mute”.
Even the track meters are working as usual, so you hve no way of knowing what tracks you are actuall listening to.
So if you have a lot of tracks and just looks at the list it’s not easy to see which ones are currently muted by “Group mute”.

This may be a little bit awkvard.

So I still think that even if you enable “Mute source as well”, it should still take into account any previous state of each individual track and only unmute the track that was muted by the actual “Group mute” action.

I haven’t decided which one I prefer yet… :confused: !