CB 10 - MIDI notes sticking

First day with 10… Inserting MIDI events in step mode and some notes don’t get the ‘off’ message and just hang on until you hit that note again. Doesn’t happen outside the event editor. Targeted several VSTs. All seem to behave the same… just a few notes, not everything…

Keep you posted…

Sorry… it seems to be only Reason sounds that are sticking…

OK… That seems to be it. Only Rewire sounds (Reason 8) - some notes will (seemingly) not get a note off message when using step input. No other time is there any issue. What’s up with that? Never happened on any previous release… all the way back to 5.

Hey, Cubase guys!!! Anybody out there?

Also noticed other behavior changes related to Reason.
Bad: the a fore mentioned sticky notes.
Good: I am working on my first project fully created in C10. In previous versions I would open Cubase, then Reason and load its project file, then open the Cubase project. I started this with C5 because, if I didn’t have Reason loaded with its project, the channels wouldn’t be mapped and I’d have to map them manually.
I created the new project in C10, setting up all my channels without any music entered. I saved the file and the next day opened it and followed my usual procedure for Reason and Cubase wouldn’t open (Message: Cubase has stopped working). I attempted 3 times with the project file and then once with a backup project file. All the same result. Then I opened the project without opening Reason and it came right up (and notified me of the unmapped channels). Then I opened Reason and it mapped all the channels and the project works fine. Nice!! It has worked ever since.
I’m not sure if that was changed in versions after C5 because it was all I ever did. But, if something was changed in 10, could it be related to the sticky notes thing?

Mr Bob,

Did you ever resolve the sticky note issue? I just started using CB 10.5 after laying off CB for about a year. My VST is EW Hollywood String. After adding ‘Play’, the EW VST app, to my rack and loading it with string I imported my Dorico project and started to build my sound. It worked ok for the last couple of weeks. Yesterday all the harmonies where off. What I found was ‘F3’ on the viola was sticking. This was reflected in the EW client key board. When I stopped the playback the F3 continued. I’ve yet to find a way to stop it. Needless to say this is a wast of time and very frustrating. The problem sounds similar to your’s. Any luck finding a fix?