[CB-1873] Audiobus live monitoring **Obsolete? Why?**


is this on the feature request list? :wink:

it would be an awesome feature to be able to balance and mix the audio across multi routing setups from within Cubasis. :mrgreen:

This would be a great feature to have. Get frustrated every time I look for it and realize it’s not there.


Pease see this post from @Dwarman on the Audiobus forum…very odd…

Could someone from Steinberg please comment on the reasoning behind this?

This means Cubasis does not have full Audiobus functionality.


dwarman July 8 QuoteFlag+1 -1
Cubasis recently disabled live monitoring of AudioBus sources as “obsolete”. I have no idea where they got that idea from. See approx center of the mage from their Audiobus help section. Live monitoring of IAA generators however is fine.

However, for live mixing to be really useful they need to not only back out the loss of monitoring but also allow the audio track to go away so the mixer can go full height.

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I will post the same reply here as in the Audiobus thread:
“It is planned to include Audiobus’ latest SDK in the upcoming Cubasis update.
Furthermore we will evaluate if Audiobus monitoring will be possible as well.”

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Thanks for the reply and consideration guys. :smiley:

This would be really great