[CB-1873] Expected Audiobus Input Behaviour?

Just a quick check on expected behaviour using Audiobus.

I have a synth connected via Audiobus to an audio track in Cubasis.

I have a MIDI track in Cubasis routed to the synth, playing back a loop.

When monitoring, the VU display on the audio track in Cubasis is blank and the slider does not control the level.

Once a loop has been recorded, the mixer channel VU display shows the level and slider controls volume.

Is this the expected behaviour (specifically, the lack of VU on the input audio)?

If so, is the expectation that input levels are controlled from the source app?

Are there any plans to add input monitoring of levels? I am sequencing a few synths via Audiobus and the ability to pre-mix the levels before multi-tracking would be helpful.



please have a look at this thread (dealing with the same topic):

Audiobus input monitoring is in evaluation and - depending on the results/feasibility - is planned to be included in the next Cubasis update along with Audiobus 2.1 integration.



Thanks, I saw that one. What wasn’t clear was if the VU meters were supposed to work. When I looked in the Cubasis manual it gives the impression they might…

“Note monitoring is obsolete on Audiobus tracks and therefore not available, as the incoming signals are audible as well as measured in the mixers input levels by default anyway.”

That reads like the meters should be registering the input signal. If they aren’t supposed to, fine. I’m just checking my system is working correctly, as I after a trying number of different synths the meters show nothing.