[CB-2080] Add track between others and undo bug

when i add a track between other tracks that are already existing, (instead of adding the new track as the last track below all others) then recoding something , and/or change the name of some old and the the new track and then: doing “undo” , then the hole songs gets messed up, the colors of the tracks are wrong, the track names to not reflect the names i gave them in the past, and sometimes even the different recorded pieces in one track gets messed around.

the workaround is to “snapshot” the hole song after adding a new track, an then work on with the snapshot instead of the original. of course: the “undo”-history is lost then.

this bug was already there in the 1.8.x Version and is still there in my 1.9.0 version . is this a known bug ?


Known for some years, yes. Steinberg are still looking for a way to reproduce… they might be a little closer to it now with your description though.

This issue is not mentioned in the “known issues” thread or knowledge database. Perhaps I’m in the minority, but it happens with consistency and is easily reproducible. For some reason, when you add a new track in between existent tracks with custom track names, then undo, the track names will shift down to the adjacent track’s name, the colors will change and most alarmingly, the MIDI instrument will also change along with the name, leading to some interesting, albeit undesirable effect (drum score turning into strings). The color changes appear to be random. It’s about the most serious BASIC function bug that I can identify.

  1. is it in fact a bug that others have experienced?
  2. Have Lars and Ricardo acknowledged the issue?

If I’ve overlooked the solution somewhere else within the forum, please advise. I can usually restore the settings and rename the tracks, but it’s like having a 5 yr old plow through your project and having to restart all over again each time.

I love Cubasis, it’s intuitive, responds to your creative impulses no matter how fleeting and very clever. That said, there’re very few silly bugs like this in GarageBand if any, so one must assume it’s a quality assurance issue.

I’ve stopped using Cubasis because of this bug (a few jumbled projects were enough), so yes, others have definitely experienced it :wink: It probably occurs more often for power users that do advanced stuff and use all features, and/or work quickly and use undo a lot.

The issue can’t really be mentioned in the “known issues” thread, because well, how could you phrase it? “Undo randomly messes up projects”? Seriously, from a marketing perspective, that would be unwise :wink:

I’m not alone! Who else? …

Yes, this has happened to me several times, but I never figured out the exact circumstances. However, the description above maps very well to what I have experienced and it is extremely annoying as basically everything gets mixed up…

Yes, I also came across this. I killed a couple Projects summary, until I realized that the new track to be added at the end, in any case not among others.

@Steinberg, couldn’t you provide a “hotfix” for this issue, or at least acknowledge it, and remove the ability to add tracks “in between”? This is a very serious bug in basic functionality, and probably cost customers hours or days of work already. :confused:

Hi all,

When evaluating the issue we’ve found out that no undo point was created when renaming tracks.
It is planned to have the fix included in the next Cubasis update.


This problem STILL exists 6 months later!!

It’s a critical issue and affects me several times a day when using Cubasis, causing me to waste a large amount of time resetting most tracks in a project.

iOS 9.1 on an iPad Air 2 with the latest version of Cubasis.

I always name my tracks, often rearrange them and often insert extra tracks between other tracks while recording, because I like my projects to be neat and organised. I assume that one of these actions triggers the issue, so that later on, when ‘Undo’ is pressed (even if not directly after creating, renaming or moving a track), all my tracks are renamed, re-coloured and messed up. It’s a very frustrating and destructive experience.

Please please please address this issue as a priority, as it is making Cubasis very unreliable.

Thanks a lot.


It just happened to me in a project with only 3 tracks. I hadn’t re-ordered any tracks and hadn’t renamed any.

The plot thickens…

Issue still persists – inserting a new track between other tracks, does not move/keep track name/info together. Track names, color are moved out of sync with their original track – forcing user to rename each track, over and over again. Sometimes I want to cluster groups of tracks together (all my vocals, guitars, etc. so I can easily find them) and this makes difficult because all tracks following my insert have to be renamed again!!! When will this be fixed? Wastes a lot of time.

Hi robanjee,

Please read here: