[CB-2083] Feature Request - Footswitch Start/Stop for Cubasi

Making a “Feature Request” to Steinberg:

(Please chime in if anyone else would use this feature? :bulb:)

Please consider creating a way for a Cubasis recording to “Start/Stop”, using
a footswitch capable of sending a Midi CC message, such as CC #14 & CC#15?
(Or, perhaps there is a better way to do this?)

This would allow users to Start/Stop Cubasis recordings for various purposes, most notably,
for LIVE performance. And possibly for other purposes?

Manually, “Start & Stop” can not easily be controlled with the Cubasis touch screen GUI.
The “Start/Stop” button is very small. One must be very accurate when pressing it.
This is even more awkward when holding a guitar, or leaning over from a keyboard,
and trying to place a steady finger tip, to trigger a Cubasis “backing track”.

Performers need a better way. We need a more professional looking way to trigger
a backing track/recording during a LIVE show.

Also, the Alesis iO Dock II has the capability built in for the connection of a footswitch,
to control apps that can specifically receive a Midi CC #14 & CC #15 message.

Is such a feature possible?

I am aware that on “Thu Jan 23, 2014 9:59 am”,
“crohde” posted:

Unfortunately Cubasis does not support this.

Best regards,

Carlos Rohde - Product Marketing Manager Cubase & Apps
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Hamburg, Germany

Thanks for your message.
We have HW controller support already on our list for future topics.


Second this. Start/stop and rec/punch

Definitely support dual-foot switch support for several activities
[this could be physical connections or preferably Bluetooth pedals by AirTurn]

  • start/stop playback
  • jump to markers (forward and back) [Yes please: implement Markers too!]

I wanna be a one-man band street busker! :slight_smile:

Footswitch start/stop definitely needed for LIVE performance.

This was also even needed on Cubase, I hate having to go to the laptop and press a button to start each song. Cheesey.
Seems like such an easy thing to include, lame to not have it.