[CB-2088] deleting trash

I’ve not had this problem before. I am unable to delete items from the trash. I’ve tried relaunching Cubasis and tried restarting my iPad to no avail.

Any suggestions would be great.

iPad Air 2
64 GIG

First of all please specify the Cubasis and iOS version numbers you have in use.
What happens if you perform a long tap on the “delete” button located in the “MediaBay/trash” section of Cubasis?

Many thanks for the prompt reply

Cubasis 1.8.3
iOS 8.1.1

A long tap deleted everything. I was unaware of this action and it’s fine for this occasion. I put some other audio files into trash. Selecting one and tapping delete still doesn’t work.

Thanks again for reply.

Good to hear that the long tap deleted all the files.
Still strange that it is not possible to delete single files from within the trash folder.

Unfortunately we do not have this issue reproducible at this moment.
I will check back with our engineering what further information could be useful and will get back to you.

Thanks for your help.

Hi bassman123,

we have the issue reproducible and it seems to be a graphical issue only.
The files itself gets deleted but you have to change to a different folder and return to the trash to notice it visually.

The issue is planned to be fixed with the next Cubasis update.



thanks for this. Much appreciated.

I am having a similar problem but most times cannot delete anything at all. At the moment my trash folder is clogging up my (drive) space. Cubasis crashed yesterday after giving me a low space warning corrupting my whole day’s work which I cannot now access. It looks like I will have to uninstall and re-install Cubasis. I cannot see how I can transfer my files back onto Cubasis from my PC though?

Also noticed that sometimes I cannot see any recorded midi notes in the midi editor.

IPad3 8.1.2. Cubasis 1.8.3

Before deleting / re-installing Cubasis make sure to backup all project files.
We suggest to do this on a regular basis via iTunes:

  • Connect your iPad device with the computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Click the “iPad” button from the top menu
  • Choose “Apps” in the following window
  • In “Apps” view scroll down to “File Sharing” and select “Cubasis”
  • Afterwards all Cubasis related documents will appear to the right
  • Drag & drop the “Projects” folder to the desktop to create a backup of all your projects
  • To create a backup of all files all it takes is to drag & drop all of the folders…

To transfer files from the computer back to Cubasis simply drag the desired files to the “Cubasis Documents” folder in iTunes.

As mentioned above, CB-20088 seems to be a graphical issue only the files itself gets deleted.
Here are two possible workarounds regarding the issue:

(1) Once you’ve deleted a file change to a different folder and return to the trash to notice it visually
(2) Perform a long tap on the “delete” button located in the “MediaBay/trash” section



Hi, thanks for that but i had tried those work arounds before and I’m afraid those work arounds make no change the trash file and it doesn’t appear to be a graphics problem as ‘deleting’ the files makes no change to the amount of ‘drive’ space remaining in system page. I have tried soft and hard reboots afterwards to no effect. I have tried various combinations to try and find a work around but nothing has changed. I have also found that Cubasis crashes often if I have done an intensive automation and I have to delete most of the automation.

Many thanks…

Hi Neroangelo,

Reading your reply it seems that you’ve reached the limit of drive space of your iPad device (that’s why Cubasis complaints here).

The following Apple link explains where to look how much storage is used on your iPad device (in order to decide what to delete to free disk space): http://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201656

Regarding the Cubasis crashes:
Please make sure to provide me with the crash reports via PM in order to have them checked by our engineers.
Please follow this link to learn where to retrieve them: http://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=183&t=32457&hilit=crash+reports+ios