[CB-2202/3] IAA Freeze not working properly in 1.9


Is this feature very temperamental?

All I have gotten so far is white noise or silence…

Anyone else have this issue?


Freezing of Instruments or FX?

I tested it with a lot of instruments yesterday and had no problems.Well,besides this weird story that all freezes played the wrong tempo (but correct pitch) until i switched latency from 512 back to 256.

I tried multiple fx now:the AUFX series,the Holderness stuff,Level.24,Turnado,Effectrix and even DFX which is still a bit shaky.I had zero problems.Also freezing/unfreezing,everything worked.DFX needed a second try before it worked though.

I did NOT try all at once or in combination with multiple synths.That is not the way i work anyway.To keep things stable and easy reproducible.

Does the freeze function only work with IAA instruments or does it work with Generators too?

No,generators not.Makes sense though as the audiotrack with the generator is empty (first).You need to record the signal"live".

that explains why it don’t work then!

When i freeze instrument with such as stroke machine i get timing issues, ie: the kick is slightly off line so sounds wonky…the first kick is fine but then the other 3 are early and come before the line (see image)

…is this on the bug fix request list?

Hi Dave,

Please give it a check if the latency settings of both Stroke Machine and Cubasis are set to the same value and let me know about the results.



Hi Lars,

I have checked and both are on 256 but i noticed something interesting if a little odd…

…i started a fresh project in Cubasis, opened up Strokemachine as an iaa instrument…

…selected the 909 kit and went back into Cubasis, drew 4 kicks as per the image above and froze the track…

…i then played the frozen audio with the metronome to hear the slight timing issue…

…heres the interesting bit…!

…if i grab the bottom left handle on the frozen audio clip and move it to the right reducing the size of it past all 4 of the kicks and then move it back to full size in one smooth movement, the audio clip then graphically adjusts to the correct placement of the kick drums in line with the midi data…!

…after doing the above and playing the track against the metronome, the timing issue is resolved!!!

…any ideas whats going on Lars?

…see before, during & after as described above…

…just tried this with Nanologue and noticed that when the audio clip is expanded back to the starting point there is a gap between the start of the track and the start of the audio clip (see attached)…this is the same with Strokemachine…

Hi Dave,

Gave both issues a check and can reproduce them.

Moving the event handle fourth and back results in slight movement of the event which looks like a bug to me (it does not correct the audio positions by design).

Both issues have been added to our bugbase.


We did not experience white noise or silence so far.
Please let us have a step-by-step repro.


i can confirm,i had this VERY often,not related to the latest cubasis version.I didn’t care that much because the steps you described worked mostly.But what if you have to correct a timing that doesn’t fit this way and the quantization doesn’t let me trim the file properlyShort answer:you’re screwed :wink:


I was trying to freeze an IAA generator that was controlled via a midi channel.

To my knowledge this has to be recorded in, is this true?