[CB-2207] 1.9 - MIDI Selection Audiobus BUG!


Just discovered another bug…

-I have Gadget, Nave & Sunrizer all routed into Cubasis via Audiobus.
-I have all 3 apps selected in separate midi tracks to control via Cubasis in the order above.
-I am happy with my Gadget loop that is playing via Cubasis midi so I record the audio in via Audiobus.
-I then remove Gadget from Audiobus, and also close it via multi tasking to save on cpu & ram.
-I then go back into Cubasis and press play and I notice the following…

…1-The midi track that was routed to control Gadget has now automatically changed to now control Nave!
…2-The midi track below it that was routed to control Nave has now automatically changed to now control Sunrizer!
…3-The midi track below that one that was routed to control Sunrizer is now showing ‘not connected’ in the routing tab.

So the bug seems to move all the assigned midi channel routings up a channel if a routed app connected to Audiobus is removed or disconnected.

This then in turn sends all the current midi data to the wrong music apps !

Hope you can fix this soon :frowning:

Hi Dave,

is this only happening with the combination of the three Apps or also with others?

Beside what gear & versions are you using beside Cubasis 1.9. Would you mind to record a quick video and share that with me via PN?


Hi Dave,

Confirmed in cubasis 1.9, Audiobus 2.1.9.

Cubasis issue CB-2207


Thanks Hiltmann.