[CB-2210] Feature request - lock button


When using Cubasis heavily, one of the minor irritations I notice in my workflow is that I occasionally catch and accidentally move an audio / midi region on the timeline, and sometimes without even realising. This wastes time as I don’t always realise exactly what I’ve done and have to backtrack. It may just be me, but I’ve got a feeling that other people may have this irritation too. It’s just a natural obstacle when working quickly on a touchscreen.

I notice that there’s a very helpful ‘lock’ function when working within the piano roll. Would it be possible to have a similar ‘lock’ button in the main transport, which applies to regions, and prevents them from being dragged along the timeline? This would be very useful when you aren’t in need of moving regions around.

Many thanks for your continued hard work to make Cubasis great,


What I do to prevent this is create an empty track on the timeline, I then use this track when dragging left and right to avoid moving parts unintentionally.

If you have lots of tracks you can create more than one blank and space them through your other tracks so you do not have to keep scrolling up and down to find a blank one.

Hope this helps in the interim until a more permanent solution can be found and implemented.


We’ve already have the topic on our list with CB-2210 (Lock mode for audio and MIDI events in arrange window).


Thanks Andy for your advice. It’s appreciated.

Apologies Lars for posting a suggestion that’s already been posted :slight_smile:


No worries :slight_smile:

I would love to see a lock button for the locator range.I changed the locator range by accident countless times by touching a region just a tad too long.An option for a longer press (before the locators change) would be ok as well.