[CB-2272 MIDI Clock] Can we get a properly working app someday?

As Cubasis is among the most expensive apps in iOS land i’d be more than happy to get a properly working app. I’m not talking about features you did not manage to add! I’m talking about featutes already there but misbehaving. Why on earth can’t you provide a stable midi clock when loop is enabled? Other even half assed and way cheaper apps can do this ok but the mighty Steinberg app fails to deliver once again… :unamused: :unamused: :unamused:

I agree the Cubasis clock seems ‘off’ … though where the problem is I don’t know. Its a standard data fromat, and I’m sure Cubasis is technically transmitting the correct bits, so why many apps cant read it is beyond me. Its very frustrating though.

What other specific things don’t work for you? With out details no one can help … especially not Steinberg.

The MIDI timing in loop mode is definitely annoying. I really hope they can fix it soon.

Hi all,

We will re-evaluate the topic, to check out feasible options in addressing the issue.