[CB-2272 MIDI Clock] Midi clock bug?

When I play something from cubasis (who sends the midi clock sync via the yamaha MD-BT01) all my devices starts but the regularity of the clock is not correct.
Have you any feedback ? Is there a possibility to configure cubasis in midi out or to go through another app that has a more stable clock?

Hi Thovy64,

Without knowing about your setup or devices in use:
Please make sure to avoid using cycle mode with MIDI clock.

Does this help to solve the issue already?
If not, please let us have a full bug report.


What are you talking about with “cycle mode with midi clock”?

There is a known Cubasis issue, where MIDI clock can loose sync in cycle mode, after a few loops.
If this is the case at your end, please make sure to deactivate cycle mode.


You’re talking about the loop button on the left of the play button?

Exactly, that’s the cycle button I’m talking about… :slight_smile:


any chance to get that fixed in the near future?

Bumping this topic. We really need this fixed as soon as possible.

Hi Rich303, Hi all,

We will re-evaluate the topic to check out the feasible options in solving the issue.


Thanks Lars. :slight_smile:

+1 for fixing it. Please. I mean working in Loop mode is not exotic by any means and a standard during recording process.
Thank you!

+1 and POWER 10 !!! This issue is really really annoying !

The Yamaha MD-BT01 actually works very well but not with Cubasis 2, sorry!

It is impossible to make a correct MIDI data recording with Cubasis 2 because the clock is completely desynchronized or else you have to replace all of notes, which is long and tedious!

I did several tests before confirming this, including MIDI recording under the same conditions with GarageBand and I confirm that the problem is indeed Cubasis 2.

I dare not buy Cubasis 3 lest the problem be the same!

Where’s the CB-2272 issue in the support center ?!?

Hi ArtFaks,

The Yamaha MD-BT01 actually works very well but not with Cubasis 2, sorry!

Yamahas MD-BT01 should work absolutely fine with Cubasis 2.

Please follow Yamaha’s instruction to connect the device, following this link: https://www.yamahasynth.com/yamaha-synth-rss/bluetooth-wireless-midi-adaptors

In addition, here is a quick tips tutorial, that shows the required setup steps as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9tqJzBvT1lY

Please let me know if it helps to solve the problem.