[CB-2326] Meter on the plugins

It would be nice to have a meter on the plugins for the thresholds and the like. We can see the audio level as well as the reaction of the plugin. In the example of the compressor, we could actually see the compression in progress rather than hoping we set the threshold at the right place.

Looked for a while but didn’t see if this was dealt with anywhere. Point me in the right direction if it is.



The numeric values for the threshold and gain are critical bits of information. It’s nearly as important on other common vst’s, also. Their absence is highly frustrating - I can’t fathom why they wouldn’t be included.


And i’m happy to repeat another request in this regard :a preset system for the FX plugins.The synth already has it,what is so hard about to integrate it into the FX as well?

Without metrics like a blind, please, add it at least to the compressor.
And visual graphics on the compressor and EQ would be great!!!

Thanks for the suggestion… I put this on our possible future feature list.


So apparently it’s not going to be an update any time soon. That’s too bad. As was stated, this is like flying blind. Its frustrating to have go outside of Cubasis to see what your doing.
This app has the potential to be the top of the game in mobile recording and not just for the hobbiest.
Side question: is steinberg committed to this as just a hobby app or a full fledge recording platform like Cubase?

I am hoping like crazy this is on the next update. We desperately need meters. The brickwell has it in the master chain. PLEASE AND THANK YOU in advance.

+1000000 visual feed back is essential to some tasks, eq and compression at the very least!


We’re aware and will take care!