[CB-2490] Folder status still not remembered here

I was very happy to see the folder status fix in the update list.

It does not work here though (iPad Air 128 Gb OS 8.3) after update to 1.9.5:

  • not a single folder status is remembered: not within the audio folder, not within the midi or instruments folder etc.
  • all folder are closed by default now, even within a single session after switching between folders, not even talking about keeping folder structures when Cubasis is closed and started again. Closed folders are better than the previous open folder status, but far from the way it should work.

The only other folder effect after the update doesn’t seem encouraging either: now it takes between short delays and delays up to several seconds to switch between well filled folders.

Am I missing something, or is this really the state of things?

We have evaluated the issue and confirm that the bug seems not to be properly fixed as announced unfortunately.
The issue will once more be evaluated, and a fix to be investigated.

Best wishes,

Will we have to wait another year or half year for this stone old issue to be fixed?
Or will Steinberg finally develop and deliver a quickfix to meet such an ongoing annoying situation?