[CB-3170] Problem with record on return to start option

First of all, thanks for updating cubasis 1.9.9. The changes you have made are really useful and practical.
I just one day that did update cubasis .very beautiful new sounds, perfect and very useful option ( return to start position on stop ) , and changing FEATURE of effects.very thanks of you .
But i when select ( return to start position on stop ) option and select preroll and precount options and doing start record ,everything is ok.but when i want to do repeat record ( because I do somtimes falsh or mistakes playing instrument ) the playhead does start record of many beat or bar before of previous started and every time i doing repeat record the playhead do start recording of more previously . For example when i do recording of 0 bar or begin of timeline and then i repeat this record, play head do starting of -2. And one mor time -4 and -6 .

Very thanks of you if answer or help to me.

Hi Pejman,

Thanks for your message.
I am able to reproduce the issue when performing the steps stated below.

Please let me have a short note if this matches to your bug report (to make sure we’ve nailed the exact same issue).
The topic will be discussed with the team.



  • Make sure “Return to Start” is enabled in Setup/Arranger
  • Make sure recording modes “Roll” and “Count” are enabled

Repro Steps
1 - Launch Cubasis and create a MIDI track
2 - Set locator range from bar 2 to bar 6
3 - Set position cursor to bar 2 and start recording
4 - Stop recoding after a few bars


  • Position cursor is reset to bar 1

Expected result

  • Position cursor returns to bar 2

Side Note

  • Position cursor returns to bar 2 if “Roll” and/or “Count” is disabled

( Pre-Requisite ) is ok
( Repro step ) is ok , but with or without set locator range because locator range is not inscription in this issue or topic.
I dont use Cycle button because i dont need automatically loop recording.
Result :frowning: position cursor is reset to bar 1 ). YES
Side note: ( Position cursor returns to bar 2 if “Roll” and/or “Count” is disabled ) YES

Thanks for the update, Pejman.
Setting the locator range can be seen as optional step (not required for the repro).