[CB-3404] Problem with Auto Quantize !

When i select autoQuantize in any Quantize form for first time in midi track,it works well, while in recording,but in the next time in to the same track ,it doesn’t work .
But when I delete all of the midi events in the same track , it works good again .
Or when i select a new midi track , it works good . But in the next time it doesn’t work.

I hope that these informations could help you for solving this bug ore problem.
Because, I spent a great amount of time solving this problem. for understanding that how can temporarily solves this problem. :slight_smile:

Is there any way to solve this issue, without deleting all events ?

Best for you .
Very thanks if answer to me.


Hi Pejman,

We will give the issue a repro.

Regarding the issue, please give the following steps a try:

  • Select the part to be quantised
  • Set “Grid” to desired value in quanitze menu
  • Tap “Q” button

Does it help to solve the issue?