[CB-3453] Mini Sampler won't remember pad assignments

Would be great to have the Mini Sampler remember pad assignments, instead of either having to A) load the samples to pads each time you add a custom Mini Sampler instrument, or B) assign samples to default pad setup (which is a pain).

The way it is now kind of renders custom Mini Samplers instruments with pad control as useless when moving from project to project, because each time you load the instrument in a new project the pads are not set up right. Absolutely kills workflow. :neutral_face:

Maybe there’s something I’m missing, but if not please add this feature.

Perhaps a good way to do this would be to let users pick between a piano roll or drum pads when editing a custom Mini Sampler instrument and assigning samples, and if they choose drum pads they are given a default drum pad layout that is consistent with every Mini Sampler instrument.

I’d recommend a default drum pad layout starting at C3 and proceeding up (C#3, D3, etc.) to make it easier to edit midi clips made with any such Mini Sampler instrument.

As it is now it’s a real drag creating and using Mini Samplers instruments with drum pad assignments, and for people like me who prefer drum pad assignments with the Mini Sampler it means using the Mini Sampler at all is a real drag.

I hope you at least consider these issues brought up! I want to like the Mini Sampler, but just can’t the way it’s currently set up.

Hi Rerun,

Would be great to have the Mini Sampler remember pad assignments,

It’s possible:

  • assign your custom samples to the mini sampler keyboard
  • open the “PAD” view
  • open the PAD “edit” list
  • select the target “Pad” (eg. “B0”> is highlighted in blue)
  • select inside the PAD “edit” list your mini sampler sample eg. “C2 Kick”, you will assign to Pad eg. “B0”
    Result : The Mini Sampler “C2 kick” is highlighted in the edit list and mapped to Pad “B0”
  • touch on mini sampler and create a preset name eg. “pad assignments”
    Result : Now the preset is stored in the instrument list> Mini Sampler/My Instruments/“pad assignments”
    Note : Now, if you load your mini sampler preset “pad assignments”, the message appears “Reset the pad layout ?”
    Hit the “keep custom” button and all your mapped samples should be available on the right allocated pad.

best Jan

Nope, doesn’t work. The pads get reset when opening into a new project. That was kind of my point, that it is a chore having to reset the pad assignments each time to want to open a custom mini sampler instrument that uses pad assignments.

Pads even get reset when opening into the same project. So the pad assignments only stay put on the initially created track. After that they get reset every time.

Hi Rerun,

The pads get reset when opening into a new project.

Confirmed, “Mini Sampler Pad Assignments” get lost after loading into a new project.
It’s a Bug and we listed in our Bugbase as issue [CB-3453]

Thank’s for the Info !

best Jan

Thanks for addressing this. Thread title updated.