[CB-3487] Exporting mono tracks as mono

Anyone? Is this really not possible in Cubasis?



Hi dean13,

Thanks for your message.
The feature request is on our list for future updates.


Thanks for the response! I’m far from an expert but this seems like a pretty basic feature (and kind of silly it’s not possible in Cubasis). It’s been on your list for over a year according to your post in another thread. Any idea when this will be implemented?


Nothing? Is this ever going to make it into Cubasis??

Hi dean13,

As stated above, the feature is on our list for future updates.


Any idea when this basic feature will be added?

Checking on this…

Bump. Anything on this? It’s such a basic thing to be able to export a mono channel as mono. When can we expect this?

Bumping again.

Hi dean13,

On the list for future updates, but not yet supported.


Other crucial features have been “on the list” for YEARS and are still not implemented. So don’t hold your breath for your request to ever happen…

Hi mm70,

As you can imagine, we receive lots of feature requests from all our users.
Same way, Cubasis has added many user-requested features and improvements with our regular updates.


I still can’t find any way to do this. Does anyone have any update please?

4 years on “our list for future updates” and still not this basic feature to export mono tracks?
You cannot be serious…


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Hi. I also cant understand whats going on?

Soooooooooooooooo… any updates on this? lol Can we export mono yet? ha

Hi All. Any news on 4 yr old ‘future updates’ for Mono export?