[CB-3847] Bulk blocks copy and pasting has bug

Congrats for making wonderful app Cubasis 2.2 superb

I request to you fix a bug when I want to copy some multiple blocks (midi audio both) on multiple tracks and want to paste for next bar … when I paste the audio and midi block lefted thier original track they shifted on another tracks which is empty near by . That’s why the work flow intrupted every time.

I request to You please fix on next update thank You so much


Hi dB,

Thanks for your message.

When using copy/paste to duplicate events, please make sure that the first track is selected to prevent events from being pasted to wrong tracks.

However, if there are empty parts/tracks in between copied events, pasted events will be misaligned in some cases (which is a bug). As a workaround, please make sure to fill gaps with events that contain no data.

Hope that helps.


Thank For your support

Yes before to inform you I filled some events which has no data to avoid this bug but when I am using lot of tracks of midi events as more then 150 tracks , it was difficult to manage . No doubt cubasis 2.2 got new feature and it is amazing Uniqe app , I am much happy with My Cubasis !

I request to you please fix this bug and hope you will take in to do list and on priority


Hi dbdub,

We will do our best to have the bug fixed within the next update.