[CB-3880] Audio freeze and mixdown render extra audio

  1. Description: Audio freeze and mixdown render extra audio beyond the end of audio slice regions[/b]
    Note: This is not effect tail information

    2. Steps to reproduce
  2. Ensure ‘Unfreeze Deletes Audio Track’ is unchecked/off
  3. Open a new empty project
  4. Drag in a factory midi drum loop [Track 1]
  5. Freeze the midi track
  6. Slice the new audio track [Track 2] in the middle and erase the 2nd half
  7. Unfreeze the midi track [Track 1]
  8. Freeze the audio track [Track 2]
  9. New audio track [Track 3] will contain audio from Track 2 as well as a few ms of the removed 2nd half. More than the audio contained in the Track 2 slice is rendered (e.g. Attack of kick drum on next beat).
  10. Unfreeze Track 2
  11. Mute all tracks but Track 2
  12. Mixdown to wav
  13. Drag wav into project [track 4]
  14. Mixdown audio also contains audio after the end the Track 2 slice

    3. Expected Results
    Frozen and mixdown audio should only contain 1st half of rendered midi audio

    4. Actual Results
    Frozen and mixdown audio contains extra audio from source audio file beyond the end of the audio slice

4.1 Workarounds

  1. Add a short volume ramp to the end of the audio slice
  2. Edit the audio file for the slice and trim/erase audio information outside the slice region

    5. Environment
    iPad Pro 12.9, cubasis 2.2 (latest)


Hi Brian,

Thanks for your message and accurate bug report.
The issue is reproducible and has been added to the backlog.