[CB-4346] Tardigrain and Cubasis undo button deletes all the tracks in the project

Heeelpp…Good evening guy.how are you all doing?just purchased tardigrain and it’s very nice but when using it as an Au in cubasis I have some problems.when I creat a track with tardigrain and add other tracks of apps or inbuilt sounds when ever I tap on the undo button it deletes the whole project leaving me just with the midi I recorded on the tardigrain track.

Hi John1289,

Thanks for your message.
Our engineering gave the issue a repro with another AU, where things work as expected.

Please provide us with your project (e.g. via Dropbox, WeTransfer or similar), and let me have the download link via private message.


Hi John1289,

We’ve exchanged with Erik from Humble and are able to reproduce the problem.
We’ll keep up discussing with Erik to have the issue solved asap.