[CB-4395] AU track name change bug on reopen

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  1. Summary/Title
    AU instrument/track name changes are reverted after exiting and reopening cubasis. Cubasis internal instruments/track name changes are saved correctly on reopening.

  2. Description
    Create a new midi track running a third party au instrument - i have tested with the Moog model d, the MV08 and the Syntronik. Change the track name to something descriptive (bass, drums). Duplicate process with an internal cubasis instrument. Exit Cubasis, and reopen.

  3. Expected Results
    All track name changes retained

  4. Actual Results
    Third party au instrument track names revert to default, but cubasis internal instrument tracks names remain changed as expected.

  5. Environment
    iPad Pro, Cubasis 2.4.1

Hey @lars, did you get a chance to look at this?


Hi thechi,

Sorry for the delay!

Thank you for the detailed bug report - great!
The issue has been shared with our team and added to the backlog.


great, thanks

Hi thechi,

The issue is planned to be addressed with the next Cubasis update.