CB 6.5 - 10 best version?

Hi all,

I’ve been using CB 6.5 for a few years now without too many problems.
Last year I thought it time to upgrade, so purchased and installed CB10. In spite of one or two plugins not working, I really tried to like it - It didn’t happen, and I went back to 6.5.
It’s recently occurred to me that my CB10 licence will apply to all earlier releases.

My question is:
Which version between 6.5 and 10 is considered the most stable and generally the best? Please don’t say 10 as that’s a no-go for me.


9.5 was really nice to me. once I upgraded to v10 the problems with plugins etc started showing up. It took a few updates in v10 to get back into the groove

If not C10 or C105. then C6.5 IMO. It’s really hard to compare except of stability issues. C7 was a giant leap. The following versions, even to this day some aspects are still addressing the C7 giant leap.

8 was the last version that did not have problems with the transport functions. I think the quality has dropped since that release, however I dont use it. Im now on 10.5.12. If was was doing it professionally I would probably use cubase 8.

I came back to Cubase Pro with 9.5. It had some problems that got resolved. I am on 10.5 now and have not had any trouble with it at all. This is on a Windows 10 machine and I believe it is, at the moment, the best OS for Cubase.

It should be said I didn’t have trouble with 10 either.

I’m really on my favorite version of Cubase 10.5.0 (I had trouble with 10.5.12) but the first version is very solid on my system. I think the feature set is the best of the ones I have tried. I was actually on Cubase 5 for years on an old windows XP machine. Finally a couple of years ago I upgraded to a Macbook Pro (mid-2015) and made the leap to C10 but I was not happy with it but 10.5.0 is great. I’ve been able to get colors I like, lots of nice features. Working solid here with an Apogee Ensemble and UAD Quad.

Thanks guys.
So, It seems that there is no general agreement on the best CB version :frowning:
I’ll probably try CB8 and CB9 to see which version is stable, feels good to work with, and shows no plugin problems.