CB 6 auto generate CC on punching rewind ?

I understand MIDI CC but am a complete newb in actually USING MIDI CC messages. I have an Axiom 49 key midi controller and Cubase 6 running four instances of an EWQL Choirs/Play plugin.

Every time I rewind a CB sequence to replay it I have to punch a software rewind button in ALL of the Play plugins to reset their “WordBuilder” features, a real P.I.T.A.

Is there some way whereby when I hit the rewind button on the transport panel in Cubase that Cubase can be made to automatically generate a CC message (I believe the proper one is CC20 programmed to 127) that will be seen by these four Play plugin instances to automatically reset their “WordBuilder” text feature without having to manually punch the reset buttons in all the Play instances ?

If not, I assume one of my Axiom buttons can be programmed so when I punch a properly programmed button on it the Axiom will send to Cubase a CC20 MIDI message programmed to 127 to cause the plugins to reset. So I think I can find in the Axiom manual how to do this. I also assume I’m supposed to do this Play plugins reset with a BUTTON, right ? Because if I embed the CC20 message in the Cubase sequence I have to wait every time during playback until the part of the sequence is reached where the CC20 message is for Cubase to see it and send resets to the Wordbuilder/Play plugins, right ?.

Also, is there anything I need to do in Cubase to cause it to recognize the CC20 message so as to reset the text in the four Wordbuilder/Play plugins, whether generated automatically by Cubase when the reset button is punched or whether coming from the Axiom controller when I punch its correctly programmed hardware button ?

And will all FOUR instances of Wordbuilder/Play plugin see the CC20 MIDI message and have their text reset to the beginning, or only those instances of the Play plugins which are active in the Key Editor ?

Many thanks for any help as I’m CLUELESS…

Please disregard. I figured it out. RTFM.

For any fellow newbs who don’t get it. I just put the CC 20 set to 127 (per the plugin’s manual) at the
of the controller lane of the sequence for EACH of the instrument tracks. So when I
punch rewind on the transport bar in Cubase the CC resets all the plugins Wordbuilders before the notes start

Very cool and beats manually resetting four plugins every time I rewind Cubase.