CB 7 30 day Trial I launch and have 5hrs left???

Anyone no what is up with my 30 day trial being reduced to 5 hrs?

Did you have to much JD one night and pass out for 29 days and 19 hours ??? :astonished: :wink: :laughing:

Have you just installed it or has the trial been on your system for a while ?

Downloaded last night, installed this morning

And you haven’t tried to install a version of 7 before ?
Have you installed the activation code in the elicenser ?

I think you’ll have more luck raising a support ticket ,at least Steinberg can check out your account and elicenser for any issues

The 5 hours might be the rest of the 24 h all applications license.

So I had 24 hrs from 9pm EST Saturday (the time I finished downloading the 5.6GB file last night) before I installed it?
Then I should have 11hrs left.

What part of 30 day trial didn’t I understand?

I contacted Steinberg support, maybe they can shed some light like, [[I’m guessing]]
“Yes you have a 30 day trial with a total maximum of 6 hrs usage.”

was it a new dongle as your signature doesn’t say about any other licenses?

The part you don’ t seem to understand (though it’ s hard to tell with that little useful info) is, that these are two different licenses. Have you even activated the 30 day trial license, or only downloaded the program…?

I was provided a trial code so I input that to elicencer and followed all registration instructions, to be honest I don’t know at this point.

is it a new or used dongle ???

I think something may be going on with the e-licenser utility. I installed the Dark Planet Demo and have a demo license that shows up on the control center for it that says it expires 6/21/2013. But, when I open the program and use it, my “All Applications” (24 hour license) is ticking down. Now, I never did “activate” the demo license. It just showed up automatically when I installed the demo. It is disappointing because that “All Applications” license could be very handy in a pinch but much of it was wasted away (I stopped using Dark Planet though).
I am going to submit a ticket also.

That could be it, an issue with elicencer. Maybe its off by a month?
It states that I have a trial that expires 6/26/2013 but count down shows a few hours.

Can you confirm that the “5 hours remaining” is on your “All Applications” license or is it on the demo license?

All Applications
Steinberg, Non Movable, Remaing Time: 5 h 56 min 27 sec

actually I just noticed this time hasn’t changed.

What may have happened is that when you first installed it, the demo license was not active yet and it used the All Applications. Perhaps it is using the demo license now so your All Applications license won’t count down anymore.

Is that a good or bad thing?

It is a good thing in my opinion. That “All Applications” license will run ANY application for 24 hours (or whatever is left).
Try not to use it. Unfortunately, I imagine many people use it up unwittingly by installing a trial without activating the license then try to run it and it works! So they think they are saving time on the 30 day demo license. Then after the 24 hour license ticks down and warns them they are running out of time, they realize what is happening.

Yes, indeed!

The All Application license is my backup. For Cubase 7 I bought a new, as in not an update version, copy of Cubase, and put the license on a dongle I already had. So that dongle with the 24 hour license sits safely in a drawer.