CB 7.5.10: Want To Disable Video Support (Maybe?)

For some reason I get a lot of “Cubase video service error” line items in my PCs Windows error report. I currently don’t use/add any videos to my music projects and I haven’t noticed any issues with Cubase or even with my PC (except for the line items in the error report) but I suppose things might get even better if there was some way to temporarily stop the Cubase video service until I need it.

So my questions… Has anyone seen a similar issue as described above? If so, how did you correct it?

Again, I’m thinking to somehow temporarily disable the Cubase video service. Of course if disabling the video service will screw up Cubase then… forget about it.

BTW… I just upgraded to the newest QuickTime software to see if that somehow corrected the Windows errors but it didn’t.

Suggestions appreciated. Thanks. :sunglasses:

You can move all these files to another folder (create a new folder just to keep these files in a safe place if you need video in Cubase again):


You will find these files here:

C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase 7.5\Components

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll try it over the upcoming weekend. :sunglasses:


Do you think that moving these files will mess up anything with the upcoming 7.5.20 maintenance release?

Also wondering if the maintenance release itself will re-install these files? Well, I’ll soon find out. :sunglasses:

I don´t think so. But to keep everything safe, move these files to their original folder (components) BEFORE running the update. After that you can move them again to a different folder.

Will do. Thanks. :sunglasses:

Currently I am in the middle of troubleshooting with steinberg support a video issue with C7.5. My solution was to just move the videoengine.dll file to a “removed” subfolder in the components folder. I would most certainly move it back to the proper path before updating the software, but it seems to disable the video function just fine for the time being. Not sure you really need to remove more than just the one file, but I could certainly be wrong on that. It’s just what works for me personally and solved my issues of 7.5 locking on startup. Otherwise 7.5 has been rock solid.