CB 8,5 How can i get rid of the new punch in/out

How can I get rid of the new punch in/out functionallity. It totally messes up my workflow.
I want to go back to being able to press I and O and play to record.
With this new mess, you get into situations where, when pressing same combination it will not stop recording even if you stop the sequence. And it keeps being in record untill you ress record!!

What a stupid mess!

Or alternatively, set punch in / out to be equal to left an d right locators.

You can do that by using the keyboard shortcuts.

Or just lock the Punch in/out to the locators by activating that on the transport panel?

Thank you both.
I found it eventually on the transport panel.

Does anyone know if there is a way of setting that as a default ?(??) (or as a project default)

I have to sync them every time I launch Cubase …

Thanks boys. The problem is that Cubse keeps forgetting what you’ve set it to!
Also it’s so buggy, it keeps doing things like different than before.when setting punch points to be equal to l/r locators the punch in / out is still active after recording!

Same here, settings not remembered…