[CB-918] Does Cubasis support marker?

This would be necessary for my purposes. I didn’t see markers in the online videos.

Cubasis does not support markers yet.

It would be really nice if they can include that.

Yes please, me too.
Important to have markers that can be assigned meaningful tags such as Intro, Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus, Bridge etc etc.
Also create loop-able markers so we can jump to and stay there looping, then jump to next section

  • I also posted request for Bluetooth foot pedals to control playback

Great work - keep the updates coming…

Marker track support is already on our list.

Mine too.
You got multi audio track output, midi out… but no markers to stop/start songs?
Please include soon!
(if I missed it, kindly disregard)

Sorry to be redundant, I found a lot of posts on this, trying to hit them all.

So… whereabouts on the list is this?

Wondering if it’s worth waiting, or should I be looking for another option that has multitrack audio out, midi out, AND markers all in one app.


Duplicate, please read here: