CB Elements 8 trial ver not finding EZ Drummer...

I installed Cubase Elements 8.0 trial on my Win 10 comp but I can’t seem to get ANY VST’s to load. Halion Sonic SE is the only one that gets loaded even though I checked everything in the Start Menu Screen. I notice that CB made different directories in about three different places upon install. Where should I be installing VST instruments so that CB can find them? I tried to set the path in the VST plugin Manager but no luck. I am starting to remember why I gave up on this a few years back. Is there some info that explains the CB directory structure and where certain things need to be located to work properly? Thanx for any help.

It’s really not that bad. Except for Steinberg plugins I don’t put anything in the Steinberg VST3 folders. All others I put everything into the one of the VST2 folders that are created for you.

To access them go to Devices>Plug In Manager and look at the VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings in the lower half of the window. If it is not showing then click on the “Plug In Manger Settings” button (look like a gear) near the bottom. Put your VST .dll into one of those folders. Easy. :wink:

My ezdrummer .dll is installed in the C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins folder and it work perfectly. After you move the .dll to one of the folders make sure to hit the refresh button. If it doesn’t show up in the VST Instrument tab then just restart Cubase to make sure it gets recognized.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Regards :sunglasses:

Sounds good…Thanx for your help.