CB just wont stay runing for long

17 times CB has just disappeared over the past 24 hours. Its getting stupid now. i spending more time rebooting it than i do getting anything constructive done. in the past 5 days i have 39 crash dumps.
The latest one was just exporting a simple track No error code, no warning, just gone.

Cubase 64bit 2021.2.14 (729.8 KB)


I’m sorry to hear that.

Reported to Steinberg. Thank you.

Thanks. Would be good to know what was in the crash file. I have a feeling it will mention GUI


This specific crash is not really GUI related, but I would also expect some GUI relation, if you have so many crashes.

Could you please share your computer specification? Part from processor, what graphic card do you use, please? Maybe could you share the whole specification file?

Do you use Dropbox application or some similar service, by any chance, please?

What plug-ins do you use? Are you r plug-ins up to date, please?

Thanks, ill get as much info as i can and post later today. I can tell you the graphics card is a GTX750 TI, with just the drivers loaded. Every thing is right up to date. Plugins would have just been Halion SE, no 3rd party other than Ozone on the output.
For what its worth quite often after a crash CB tells me it cant find or load my Focustire audio driver, even though my PC is using it at the time (always). When i go in to Studio i can select it and it works fine. I also always get the program freeze on first start, every time i run CB.
So many issues and so little time to actually record these days.


Thank you very much for interesting details. Looking forward for more details about your system. THank you for your cooperation!

Actually i just remembered there was also Helix Native on one track, but thats just on this particular project. Ive not used it on any others and have the same issues.
Heres’ the spec. Sorry its not in a more technical way.

PC is running Windows 10 64. Fully updated
12GB Ram
CPU is I5-3570@3.40GHz. Nothing over clocked.
Network connection is wired.
Desktop is running at 2560x1440 (was 1080p) 60Hz.
Windows security has been disabled on as many Cubase related things that i can find.
CB running in Admin mode at the moment, but made no difference.
I am running Dropbox as a background process but no writing to or from it.

I have no issues using CB, its just that ti crashes randomly, and doesn’t start properly. I can recreate the start up issue 100%, but not the crashes. Nothing obvious seems to trigger the instant close down.


Thank you for the details. Could you, just for test, please, quit the Dropbox background application/process? Is Cubase still crashing?

Ive shut all DB services and applications down, and re booted. As expected CB hung when i launched it, so i did a force quit and restarted it. Ill give it a test over the next day or so and update.
Whatever is causing it hasn’t gone away as far as starting up goes.