CB PRO 8.5 - official wallpaper?

Hi there

Looking for the official steinberg wallpaper for Cubase Pro 8.5 - no findings on the steinberg homepage :question:

C’on - to be proud of using this DAW - all the tutorials have it already :unamused:


Lets make a deal…

-> pay for my 8.5 upgrade and i will make you a wallpaper:p

Tks for the offer - but you are definitely not “official steinberg” :wink:


Lol, and if i were, i wouldn’t set a priotity on making a wallpaper;)


Haha, That’s of sure :slight_smile:


Have a nice weekend, brother:)

I hope Steiny makes a deeecent one this time, the one since C7 has been pretty bad, colour gradations have been awful. I have asked for better quality ones but, you know Steiny… :wink:

I use a blue RME one which is cool, as one might expect from them, me thinks!

Wallpaper? :laughing:

Seriously? If they were to spend time making wallpaper, when would they ever have time to make my fridge magnet?


I think I hard copy operator manual would be a better idea.

Those are extinct! :open_mouth:

I’m up for a hard copy manual if it has search facility :wink:

I agree a new wallpaper, like the red-tinged one on the Steinberg home page, would be nice.

I know it’s childish but I can’t help it :blush: