CB Pro 8 ans softube Console 1 user feedback

Looking for some feedback from user with CB pro 8 and Softube Console 1. As a long time PT HD user, i wanted to try cubase for my scoring work and felt in love with the software. I want to add Console 1, any pros and cons ? Thx

I have console one. It seems to install fine, but to be honest I have not had time to put it to the test yet. I will say that the developers are really good with tech support and customer service. So that is a definite plus.

I have that combination and I like it a lot. Very friendly on the CPU and works as expected. I havn’t got time to go in deeper, but maybe you can find inf. at Groove3, they have a video about console 1.

Hi, I bought console 1 last year and was using it with reaper, however reaper does not support the auto naming and reordering that cubase does… and as I loved the device & the plugin, I purchased cubase which had full support for it.

its so quick to get it up and running in cubase
select all of your tracks… press QS Link and then add console 1 plugin to one track… it then gets put on all of your selected tracks, and gets named automatically…
(In reaper, i would need to add the plugin to each track 1 by 1 and then manually open each instance and rename it manually) also if you reorder or add a new track inbetween, cubase supports this, reaper doesnt.

So for console 1 compatibility, cubase is brilliant.

I have loads of plugins, slate/eventide/waves/soundtoys/flux etc… but since getting console 1, i rarely use anything else.
the strip is perfect, everything i need, LP/HP filter, gate/transient shaper, EQ, Compressor and an amazingly useful saturation/drive.
Being able to switch off my screen to mix or even just having real knobs to tweak makes things so much easier than staring at a GUI of a plugin on a screen and controlling it with a mouse.
I do of course still use other plugins, but mainly effect’s such as delays/reverbs/modulation etc… but for me console 1 has 99% of my basic dynamics/eq needs covered
the ability to chop and change each section brings a new dimension into it.
the 4K standard strip, sound punchy and dynamic. the 9k is totally mojoless and clean as a bell, but still very very useful.
And being able to load different EQ/Dynamic plugins such as trident/summit/abbey road/FET compressor/tubetech/valley people etc… works better than i imagined.

the one thing id like to see (softube have already denied this could happen) would be that whichever channel you had selected on the console 1, followed the daw track selection (and vice versa)…
there is times when you are working on a large 70+ channel mix… and finding the track you want can take longer than it should… but that is really my only gripe…

I hope for a console 2… which would have a small LCD display showing track name, or even a larger lcd with a small meterbridge, I would buy it in a heartbeat.

Since moving to console 1, my mixes have improved, gotten quicker and more enjoyable… instead of deciding on a plugin slate/waves etc for each track… most of what i need is already loaded with console 1.

the only other downside, is the lack of support in reaper… as steinberg dont seem to feature “stability” in the priorities…

Thx for the feedback. I just bought it but still have not had the chance to install it.

As a long time PT user, I bought CB a few months ago as i’m getting more into scoring and writing instead of mixing. I’m surprised to read about all the instabilities issues here and other forum. My CB pro 8 rig is rock solid and very responsive. Hopefully adding Console 1 won’t change that….

Could you please describe this in details or direct me to information? :confused:

hi there is not much to say really… but for an example project that wasnt started with console 1… and you wish to add console 1 to all of your tracks (this is the same to add any plugin… but the advantage with console 1, is that each instance of the plugin gets the name from the cubase mixer into the plugin automatically)

  1. open your cubase mixer
  2. select all of your audio tracks that you want (highlight channel 1, press shift and then click the last track) all tracks should be selected.
  3. press Q-Link at the top of the mixer window
  4. on any highlighted track, insert console 1 (you will notice that it goes on all selected tracks
  5. press Q-link again (to turn the feature off)

    now you have console 1 plugin on every channel, all named and ordered correctly.

Hi Krevvy
Didn’t see your post ;-(
I will look into that, but I don’t think I get names with me from Cubase to Console 1.
Thanks any way!

Hey krevvy,

I did just the same thing : buy the console 1 and try using it with reaper… it works but it’s a hassle). I bought cubase 8.5 pro to get the most out of the Console 1. For some reason, however, the console plugin gets switched to ‘manual’ in cubase. And therefore the autonaming and ordering doesn’t work.

Any ideas on how to fix this ? I still have a lot of projects in Reaper, so I run Reaper and Cubase along side of eachother on a windows PC (same partition). I believe you are doing the same ?

I had this problem for a while. Some how i had loaded vst2 versions of console 1. Loading the vst3 version solved the problem of not naming the console 1 tracks the same as cubase.