CB-SX5 Machie 1620i + Tascam FW 1082

Hey guys,

Its my first time posting here, I am an audio engineer out of Toronto and am trained on pro tools, but after starting up with cubase, i actually prefer cubase quite a bit.

I currently have a mackie onyx 1620i as my multitrack recorder. Its the heart of my studio and it connects with full inserts and i/o via a patch bay to some outboard gear etc.

I have the ability to pick up a Tascam FW 1082 for next to nothing, but my concern is, will i be able to continue using my 1620i as my interface/multitrack but be able to use the 1082 to control cubase at the same time?

I would absolutly love being able to control cubase with the 1082 and setting the 1620i to its input and furher mixing from the tascam.

can it be done?


I’m not an expert mind you, but here’s what I’ve known from in part my own experience, and what I’ve been reading throughout the years …

Being they’re both audio interfaces, and each need to use their own specific drivers, I tend to doubt it. Last I heard you can’t use 2 different types of interfaces simultaneously, as you can’t select more than one ASIO driver at a time within Cubase. This is referring to using multiple ‘drivers’ mind you…whether you can actually use each, for their own different specific functions ‘without’ using both drivers simultaneously - say for example, one as a transport device via midi messages etc, the other as your audio interface - well, maybe then. The point is, you can’t use multiple different drivers.

There’s something called ASIO4All, but personally, I would stay away from that as it’s a crap shoot it’ll work well…and often seen as a last resort or ‘what do I have to lose’ type of thing to try. I use multiple audio interfaces in my home studio set-up, but they’re all from the ‘same’ manufacturer, which all run under the ‘same’ ASIO driver :exclamation: I can run up to FOUR interfaces within a single machine. I personally would not buy an interface that could not allow me to use multiples of it, or use different interface models from the same manufacturer, allowing me to use them under ONE ASIO driver.

If it indeed turns out you cannot use both simultaneously, you have the option of toggling between the two as you need each of their own unique functions, or use them on two separate machines… the use of multiple machines is a whole other story, and something I do. But even still, I use the same manufacturer’s interfaces in each machine for the best compatibility.

I also have a Tascam FW 1082 that I bought from ebay…a music school was selling off several of them. I had planned on using it on a machine of it’s own. I’ve yet to actually use it though. I definitely won’t bother to attempt using it on the same machine along with my other interface…not unless I could use it, playing the simple function of a stand-alone mixing desk inter my other sound card(s) ‘without’ the need to use the Tascam’s drivers obviously.

That’s all I’ve got.

PS…Cubase SX5??? :confused: Do you mean Cubase SX1, SX2 or SX3? or Cubase 5?

Thank you kindly for your response and help!

my apologies i meant cubase 5.

I did know that you can’t use two interfaces at the same time. I was hoping to solely use the 1082 as a controller ONLY. and continue using my onyx as the interface/multitrack.

But i suppose that it would still require the driver to be loaded into cubase for it to work. I am still having quite a time trying to get the 1082 to work as a controller in cubase as well. i just can’t seem to get the channels linked to the channels in cubase.

Perhaps i just haven’t played with it enough, or i need to use LE which obviously it works with because all the how to’s etc i see are for LE

I certainly do have uses for both devices, and switching between them in cubase is easy enough.

Is there a way to assign the 1082’s entire board as midi functions into cubase and use it as a midi controller and not utilize its drivers i wonder?