CB10.5 - How to control numerous sampler tracks with one?

Hi All,

I was wondering how you go about controlling or editing numerous sampler tracks with one track.

If I have three sampler track layers, each with a different snare and each layer with it’s own inserts etc

Sampler snare 1| [ -…-…-]
Sampler snare 2| [ -…-…-]
Sampler snare 3| [ -…-…-]
(- represents the snare bar in piano roll)

For each layer, I would piano roll in the bar (for the snare), where I want it to hit.

Now say I want to change the positions of the snare;
Sampler snare 1| [ -…-.-] (moved snare one bar over)
Sampler snare 2| [ -…-…-]
Sampler snare 3| [ -…-…-]

I would need to go into each of the three layers piano roll and move the bar to the new position (as above for snare 1 to snare 2 and 3) but is there a way I can link to a ‘master’ track, so if I change the position in the ‘master track’, it will apply to all three layers at once?

Does that make sense?

I know FL Studio has the functionality.



You can either add a MIDI track and put the MIDI Part into this MIDI track and route the MIDI Track output and Sends to the Sample Tracks.

Or you can make a shared copy of the MIDI Part (Alt + Shift + Drag). Once you change the data in one of the shared MIDI Part, all other shared MIDI Part will follow.

I really wish they would come up with a “Layer Track” where we can layer Instruments, Sampler Tracks, MidiFX, Groups, FX Inserts & Sends all in one track like Ableton Racks and save the whole thing as a preset in Media Bay. For extra credit, let it recognize Drum Maps…