CB10.5 Steinberg Hub -Use Default location inquiry


I have CB 10.5 and cannot work out why the following is happening and how to change it.

When i open CB I get the Hub and it shows the current project with the correct drive and disc/folder pathway to it.

Down at the bottom it has 'Use default location and gives a different incorrect folder pathway and project folder… 'Untitled-x

I have tried to change it but the options are grayed out and no click responds to it.

What also happens when I choose the project I want from the hub list, I get a Resolve Missing files panel showing all the files in that incorrect pathway folder.

I have tried search, etc but eventually just have to choose close to get to the project.

Fortunately all my files show up in the project and are saved to the correct disk/folder.

I I go to the incorrect pathway address and sure enough files are there too in that ‘Untitled-x’ folder but with different dates.

Quite confusing. Any help please?


When you create a new project and have “Use default location” selected the project will be created with the path and folder name specified for “default location”. If you don’t want that path for a new project you can select “Prompt for project location” and then you will be prompted for where to create the project.

Existing projects are always loaded from where they were created.

Thank you but how do I correct what is already there?

When I open the project the panel comes up saying the files are in a location that is not where mt=y primary project and files are.
Obviously when the file was started, it the correct address was not put in that option.

I just need to get rid of the panel that keeps popping up at each project open.

I don’t understand what you are trying to say here

Most likely it is complaining because the Audio is not where Cubase expects it. To fix this, use the (poorly named imho) Backup Project to create a new Project based on the currently open Project. This will create a new Project in its own unique folder and all the audio will be in that folder’s Audio sub-folder - just like Cubase likes it.

Many thanks raino, sounds good.