CB10.5Pro locking up or CTD when loading CB9.5Pro jobs

I have a rock solid machine and CD 9.5Pro installation. Very close to 100% reliable.

Just installed 10.5Pro alongside to start testing it out for production work.

It starts up fine and I can do things with it. But when I load a complex 9.5Pro job, it regularly locks up half way through the job load process, or crashes to the desktop.

Not impressed.

Anyone found the same and found a culprit? These heavy jobs run perfect in 9.5Pro and have done for the past 18 months or intense mixing.

I most certainly had huge problems loading 9.5 projects in v10 of Cubase. they were mostly plugin related and went away once I updated the vst’s. There also was a problem with color schemes but that should be working since v 10.0.20.

All VST/VSTi up to date here.