CB11 Mixer History issue - Plugin Insert activated


I just stumbled on this issue when working with plugins in the mixer in latest version (CB 11.0.40).

In the Mixer I moved a deactivated plugin insert and then used the Mixer History to undo, which resulted in the plugin being moved back to original posistion but also being activated.
This means that if you are not observant you may activate plugins without knowing it!!

How to reproduce:

  • Use a mixer channel , in my case a Group channel, and add two plugins, one activated and when deactivated
  • Move the deactivated plugin to another slot
  • Use Mixer history to undo
  • Deactivated plugin is moved back to original position but is also activated
    Not good at all!!




Anyone can reproduce?



This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.


Ok, good to know!! :+1:

Any idea of when may be fixed?



You cannot fix it on your side. Steinberg has to fix it in Cubase.