CB12 Arpache SX - Weird issue

Hi, this issue is driving me nuts.

Arpache SX, I have a preset I made, which works perfectly over part 1 of a synth piece, I sliced up and resequenced in grove agent as midi.

However trying to get it to play over the 2 part, also sliced and resequenced in groove agent is impossible.

It doesn’t matter whether I add the 2nd part into the orginal groove agent, starting at C3… or duplicate the first groove agent track (including Arpache SX) and remove the first sample and insert the 2nd sample to go across the keys, so that starts at C1… or just creating a brand new groove agent and adding arpache SX and recalling the preset.

Everytime the 2nd part (wav file sliced) is supposed to play, its only the first note that plays.

The 2 parts have very tiny differences in the midi notation, I have attached so you can see, but even if I use the first part’s midi notes to trigger the 2nd part, the result is the same, only the first note is played. The arp sequence no longer works.

Arpache SX preset

I have slapped the arp preset on different tracks and it works fine, you can clearly hear the melodic sequence.

Is there something I am doing wrong? I have messed with the various settings but nothing gets it to sound right over the 2nd part. Its so weird that it will play on 2 other totally different midi instruments with their own notation, and you can hear the melody from the Arpache SX preset coming through. Please help with this if you have any guidance that would be amazing. I have not found anything relevant in the manual that sheds any light on this behavior. I guess its either user error (hopefully) or a bug or some sorts. Its very frustrating either way!