CB12 - Crash using Kontakt 6


I have suddenly had two crashes when using Kontakt 6 in Cubase latest version (12.40).
I’m running Win 10 and have a project with two instances of Kontakt 6 trying out som various instruments and just a few midi tracks.
I haven’t had any problems with Kontakt 6 before so I’m a little bit confused.

Can anyone maybe look at the dump files and see what may be the problem and cause the crashes?

Dump files:


Have a look at the NI kontakt forum, there is a sticky about crashes, I am thinking it is the Kontakt DB database crach, if you did not have issues before. It is a NI bug which can be triggered randomly.

Same happened to me last friday. Randomly, a project I worked on can’t be loaded anymore. Everytime it attempts loading one of the instruments that uses an instance of “Thrill” with Kontakt 6, Cubases crashes with a mysterious “VM - pmap_enter failed with resource shortage” message as stated in the crash report.

Same happens in the M1 native version of Cubase, so it can’t be exclusive to Rosetta.

I haven’t updated Kontakt in months and have been working with 12.0.51 for a week.

Did you try the fix where you delete the kontakt database file? If there is an inconsistancy, Kontakt will recreate it, but this triggers a crash in cubase.


No, I haven’t tried to fix it yet, as I for the most part still use Kontakt 5 without issues.
But will go over more and more to K6 or K7 and so I will probably need to see if any fixes will work.


I did delete all database files, yes. No improvement.