CB12 Duplicated tracks have wrong signal chains until reload


i have experienced a misbehavior/bug in Cubase 12 Pro, existed in 12.0.30 and still is present in 12.0.40:

I created a folder track with different instruments that send their signals to two group channels:
Screenshot 2022-09-25 142204

When i duplicate the tracks and the group channels the outputs of the new channels are linked “correctly” in textform linking to the new group channels “channelname (D)” but the internal wiring is still to the old output, as you can see when soloing the original group:
Screenshot 2022-09-25 142702

or just play back the song:

If you save and reload the project or just save and revert it, the routing is correct:

Test Project:
CopyBug.cpr (718.4 KB)


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I am also suffering greatly from this problem. I hope it will be resolved soon. This is a bug for sure.