CB12 Issue - Freezing after crash and selecting "Disable preferences" option


CB12 (latest 12.52) gets unresponsive after restart in Safe Mode with disabled preferences, see dmp file below. Stuck on Audio Driver Setup window with Generic ASIO drivers selected…no way to click OK or other driver.

What happened was:

  • Opened existing project and started playback, got a freeze when stopping playback…happens quite often nowadays, see earlier topic.
    Had to end task, no dmp file generated.

  • Restarted CB and selected disable preferences option, CB opened but stuck on Audio driver window. Had to end task again now with link to dmp below.
    SAM seems to be OK, eLicenser shows error pop-up with “Process with the ID NOT found”.

DMP file:
Cubase 64bit 2022.12.5 (851.1 KB)

  • Anyone who can have a look at the dump to see any clues to what’s happening, please?