CB12 Missing Hardware Rack In Mix Consul

Has anyone had any problems similar to this.

I raised a support ticket 2 months ago but so far the support guys haven’t found a solution.

CB12 and CB11 are installed on a MacBook Pro M1 Max. CB11 works fine.

The problem is with a hardware rack missing in the mix consul. If I start CB12 with UR242 powered up, the Hardware Rack is missing.

Please note, this work around fail’s when I connect my USB eLicenser to access Steinberg add-ons.

UR242 power off

Start Cubase 12

audio driver set up window appears and I select built in audio

project window I choose a project

missing ports window appears UR242 PORTS 1234 unmapped

click ok

project window opens

select studio set up

Select audio system in studio set up window

Audio system is shown as built in audio

I power on UR242

I select Steinberg UR242 asio driver and select switch

Under devices select Steinberg UR242

All inputs and outputs are active

select ok

Back in the project window I select studio audio connections and activate control room and select Steinberg UR242

I select inputs and all UR242 inputs are active

I close audio connections window

Select mix consul hardware racks are now visible and active

I’m unsure what you mean by “hardware rack”.
This section?

Please see the attached image, hope this helps.
Screenshot 2022-10-21 at 21.23.35