CB12 UPDATE FROM CB11 (Verification Pending)

Hi all.

Just looking for some information, if you may,

Scenario :

I recently purchased an update for CB12 from CB11. I didn’t actually register it, but it is in my Steinberg account and showing as “Verification Pending” followed by an expiry date. I have received an email from Steinberg, reminding me of the expiry date.

I already have CB12, since I own two Pro licences on separate dongles, with one already updated and activated.

I was thinking that I could hold off the second activation for CB12, and wait for CB13, but this “Expiry Date” and “Verification Pending” has got me kind of anxious.

Will I loose out if I don’t verify by the date specified, or am I good to wait for the release of CB13?

Any input is appreciated.

Isn’t the “Expiry Date” related to the Trial ?

Thanks for the quick response Louis.

No, it shouldn’t be. I purchased an update. This is what it looks like in my Steinberg account.

I also received a DAC as well as an Activation Code.

You know a single Cubase 12 license can be activated on up to 3 computers, right ?
I have no clue about this, maybe the Activation Manager fails to differentiate multiple licenses for the same product ? I don’t know.
You should check for Grace Period and contact Steinberg Support if you can’t make this work.
Someone else will perhaps shine in and help you better :slightly_smiling_face:

O.K, I’ll read through and see if that sheds some light on it.

Thanks for your time Louis.